Introducing: Blockminds

The new kids on the block!

2 min readFeb 7, 2022

Hello world, we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Blockminds. But what do we do? Why did we start it? And who are we? — All to be answered below.

Let’s start this chain reaction!

Blockminds is an independent publishing and consulting company in the web3 industry. We are fully self-funded, which gives us the unique freedom to speak our honest minds. Not to mention we are Dutch, adding to our ‘not beating around the block mentality.

Just because we are new does not mean we’re wet behind the ears. We’ve been working together in web3 venture capital and fundamental research for several years — under different companies. We’re not just a chip off the old block — it was only a natural progression that now, with Blockminds, we’ve found our own voice.

We like to separate sense from nonsense in web3 — dissecting chains into blocks of content. We write independently, with a straightforward and honest voice in the market. As a team, we also help projects with their voice, offering graphic design, a platform for their content, and ghostwriting.

We also like to bring cool people together and make meaningful connections happen — from building blocks to chains! Being independent, we are free to pick and leverage our network, which really helps us with our project vetting, fundamental -, post-launch guidance, and tailored research services.

From left to right: Jeroen, Ray, and Rowan.

We’re a team of crypto-native researchers, writers, and designers. Our combined experience gives us a large network, a deep knowledge of the industry, and a natural feel for trends in the space. We’re long-term believers in web3 and distributed technologies, with a passion for quality and integrity. We use this passion to bring valuable insights to our clients and their communities, building strong and successful partnerships along the way.

Blockminds is an independent web3 publishing and consulting company.

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